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Shikha currently manages content operations for a series of news and business portals including MSF, Algosonline, and the like. An electrical & electronics engineer by education, she has prior experience in content & technology writing, content marketing, market research, and business development. Currently she contributes write-ups pertaining to industry bulletin, global business trends, and market research. Her other interests include sketching, reading, and singing.

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Smart home industry giants to reign supreme over the next few years, Amazon still at the winning end of the spectrum, followed by Google

With prominent technology giants vying over one another regarding smart technology innovations, global smart home market growth is on a rigorous ascent. Amazon Inc. has always been at the forefront of smart home automation, as witnessed by the launch...

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Tesla sidetracks General Motors to become the most valued automobile company in the U.S., huge profits in store for the automotive giant

Electric car maker Tesla has become America’s most valuable company by overtaking General Motors this week. Tesla is now the biggest US automaker by market capitalization. This landmark achievement has successfully captured the excitement of po...

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Yahoo shows moderate growth in the last quarter as an independent company

While surviving its last storms as a standalone company, Yahoo has managed to depict a modest growth over the last quarter. Yahoo! Inc., has already been sold to Verizon Communications, the telecom magnate in 2016, with a deal pricing of USD 4.48 bil...

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Merck’s business earnings go up several notches higher, thanks to the colossal sales of Keytruda

Merck & Co., Inc., the reputed American pharmaceutical giant, has performed exceptionally well in terms of revenue in the first quarter of 2017. The company has reportedly earned around USD 9.4 billion from drug sales in Q1 2017. Keytruda, its hi...

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Autani and LG team up to create an all-inclusive wireless network for smart lighting solutions

The latest scoop to gain fresh waves of attention by industry analysts is that of Autani and LG collaborating to offer highly effective wireless smart lighting solutions. As per the recent reports, LG Electronics, USA, a subsidiary of LG Electronics,...

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AstraZeneca’s Imfinzi success unlocks sizable opportunities for the company in lung cancer market, Merck to face a tough dominance battle

AstraZeneca, the renowned pharmaceutical magnate, has set a new benchmark in the cancer immunotherapy space, post the positive inferences unveiled by the company pertaining to its drug dubbed Imfinzi or Durvalumab. The drug successfully passed the ph...

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Telematics to bring about a revolutionary transformation in the auto industry, IoT integrated platforms to mitigate road safety concerns

A recent report debating on the subject of road and driver safety has apparently shed light on a concept that could possibly play a huge role in enhancing the safety of roads. Telematics, the superior brain child of information technology that deals ...

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Verizon to hand out pink slips to nearly 15% of AOL-Yahoo workforce post the formal acquisition of Yahoo

Yahoo’s sale to Verizon, which created waves of frenzy in the tech space last year, was slated to close officially in the middle of June. The deal, worth USD 4.48 billion was dubbed by industry experts to be one of the most somber deals of rece...

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Taiwan’s Formosa Phase II commercialization to commence in 2019

After having recorded an electricity generation capacity of 6.5 MW from Formosa I – Taiwan’s 1st commercial-scale offshore wind project, the country is all set to boost its capacity to approximately 120 MW by 2019. For the records, Formos...

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